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Electrical System Diagnostic

Being proactive with your home or business electrical system is key to maintaining and planning proper function for today and tomorrow. We will schedule an EdGrElectric electrician to test every system, switch, and outlet to give you peace of mind.

Member Discounts & Savings

Receive member only discounts on every service or project throughout the year. Need emergency service? Planning a home remodel project? Installing a ceiling fan? Your membership will pay for itself and then some.

Priority Service & Scheduling

When you become an EdGrElectric member, any service call or project will be pushed to the front of the line with priority scheduling. Never wait days or weeks for an electrician. Members receive immediate attention and service.


EdGrElectric Membership Benefits Your Clients

You are in the business of helping people realize their dreams of homeownership. Not only are you guiding them in their largest purchase ever, but they are looking to you to help them navigate this journey with the least amount of financial surprises. An EdGrElectric Membership plan is one way to provide additional peace of mind for you clients. They will receive all the amazing benefits we offer our own clients, including emergency service and priority scheduling. The first few years of homeownership can reveal home improvement projects that, if electricity is involved, we can help manage from start to finish. Offer your clients an EdGrElectric Membership today!

Find a plan that’s right for you

Most fires at residential and commercial properties are caused by an electrical problem due to a lack of maintenance and adjustments in the wires within the electrical panel.


Basic Plan

  • General adjustment of the electrical panel (Once a year)
  • Bulbs Replacement (12V-120V).
  • Outlets Replacement
  • Smoke Detector Batteries Replacement
  • Light Switches Replacement
  • Revision of electrical energy general of the parties in the property
  • Breakers Replacement (From 15Amp to 100Amp)
  • Plastic Covers Replacement
  • FREE Revisions and Estimates
  • 24/7 Emergency calls
  • * Unlimited part or fixtures by unit


Plus Plan

  • Everything on the Basic Plan and more
  • Installation or Replacement of any fixture or damaged lamp (Max high 12')
  • Add new outlet from 15AMP – 60AMP (Max distance 40')
  • Replace, Update or Relocate your thermostat. Device not included.
  • Replace or Update your Appliance. Appliance not included
  • Connect or Disconnect your A/C or Water Heater
  • Special discounts on our Labor in all other projects (New Construction or Remodeling)

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